Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Module Four: Teaching with Technology

What sort of teaching is done in your professional role?

There are many forms of teaching done in my professional role. One of the most important is the teaching that I give to parents and families on a daily basis at work. From the moment the parents step into the NICU, I teach them how to scrub their hands well so they do not pass on germs to their sick infant. When they visit their baby's bedside for the first time, I teach them all about the monitors and what the numbers mean. I teach them about the medications their baby is on, about all the lines and wires, the IVs, the baby's condition, and any modes of ventilation their baby may be receiving. Each day there is always something new to teach the parents and family about the baby and the baby's care; sometimes I have to re-teach the same thing to the parents because they are so over stimulated they may not remember something from the day before. There is also a lot of discharge teaching to be done with the parents such as teaching them how to give a bath, when to call the doctor, and how to do CPR at home as well as teaching them how to manage stress and avoid shaken baby syndrome. 

Is there any nursing/health care provider role that does not involve teaching in some manner?

I do not believe that there is a care provider role that does not involve teaching in some manner. My sister works for a GI doctor as a receptionist. Even though she is not a nurse or nurse assistant, she is responsible for giving the patient information (teaching them) regarding their upcoming visit or surgery with that doctor.

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