Monday, April 11, 2011

Module Five: Decision Support for Care Delivery

How did the readings influence your perception of your own clinical decision-making?

After viewing the lecture given by Daniel Kahneman (which I enjoyed) and reading the articles for module five, I have learned that I use intuition a great deal more than I realized. I would not ever call myself an expert in the field of neonatal medicine as it is ever changing, however; I certainly have had my days where I come on to a shift and notice "little" things about a baby that just do not feel right only to have that baby become very sick on my shift. Because of that "intuition" the NICU team is able to get that baby the help that it needs a lot faster, giving that baby a better chance at survival. 

I did learn that it does take more than just intuition to make the best decisions possible. In the Intermountain Healthcare NICU where I work, we utilize the Collaborative Practice Guideline (CPG) system. I have seen it work many times in helping with many different situations from how to unclot a line depending on what the substance was that had clotted the line, to what to do with a cardiac suction tube post op cardiothoracic surgery. It definitely helps to have intuition (system I) along with controlled reasoning (system II) to give the best care to our little patients in the NICU.    

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  1. Very thoughtful comments. It is intersting how things change when we become aware of how we think and make decisions.