Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Module Six: Policy/Ethical Issues Related to Information Technology

What is one new thing you learned in this module, or something that you knew but had forgotten?

I have learned many important things about computers and computer systems within the health care setting in this class. From this module, it is very important to keep patient information safe and secure as you are viewing it on a computer. I used to become frustrated at how many times I had to change passwords at work and school, but now I understand just how important keeping your (and your patients) confidential information safe truly is. I also found the "10 Tips to Secure Your Laptop" very useful and will be utilizing those tips in the future.

We have had many problems in the unit where I work concerning Facebook. Many of my colleagues have found it a place to "release" some of their built up frustrations from work and make comments about it on their Facebook page. The problem with this is many people forget that what you write on your Facebook page is there for everyone to see. This becomes a problem because what is said may offend someone, or, they put to much information about a patient on there which is a direct violation of that patients (and that patients family) privacy. This module has taught me that there are many ethical considerations that need to be considered when using the internet and computerized health care information systems.  

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  1. Excellent job on your blog! You have certainly gained new insight into healthcare technilogy. I hope moving forward you will apply what you have learned from this class in your current and future practice. I have enjoyed reading your blog, all the best!